Centro de Desarrollo de Negocios: community business growth

GABRIELA VALENZUELA ARCUCH // Centro de Desarrollo de Negocios de SERCOTEC // Santiago // July 14th 2017 // I met Gabriela for a quick chat at her offices to understand more about her work and the work of Centro de Desarrollo de Negocios. They are a network of walk-in centers stationed in different neighbourhoods across Chile,... Continue Reading →

El Laboratorio de Gobierno: innovation at the heart of policy

ELISA BRIONES & MARIANA LAVÍN // El Laboratorio de Gobierno // Santiago // July 13th 2017 // This Innovation Lab at the heart of the Chilian Government. It was first announced by President Michelle Bachelet in 2014, the Lab was created from this initial call to action, and has grown in size and shape since... Continue Reading →

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