Here is a list of links to all the work I saw or was shared with me during the trip:


Nariño Municipal Government
Using design and humanity to re-design government in one region of Colombia

A citizen movement for citizen-led urban transformation initiated in Bogotá, and spread across the world.

Artesanías de Colombia
A government-led organisation that supports the work of Artisans in Colombia

Cebras por la Vida
A citizen collective based in Bogotá aiming to create a pedestrian safe city

Equipo de Innovación Pública y Social del DNP
A team of designers, social researchers and philosophers at the heart of Central Government in Colombia

Compartamos con Columbia
A collective of 15 businesses that have consolidated their corporate social responsibility strategies to strengthen their collective impact

A citizen-led urban transformation movement in Colombia

La Roca
An informal currency in rural Colombia

An accelerator for social change

Somos mas
An NGO for social innovation and collective intelligence

The Q’eswachaka Rope Bridge
A bridge in Peru, remade every year by it’s community

Ciudad Abierto
An Open City founded in 1970 by poets, philosophers, sculptors, painters, architects and designers in the Escuela de Arquitectura y Diseño, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso.

Sistema B
Building the ecosystem to help B Companies use the strength of the market to solve social and environmental problems.

La Roca
A networked social currency founded in 2014 in Suesca Colombia.

La Tarumba
A social enterprise in Peru that used circus training and performances to support less advantaged young people in Lima.

Infante 1415
A co-working space in Santiago Chile, set up with the government to provide working space for creative people interested in social innovation and collaboration.

Sunglasses company based in Chile that used natural products and processes in all their products.

Huertas a deo
A social enterprise creating better trade connections between smaller-scale fruit and veg growers in the countryside that surrounds Santiago, Chile.

A networked organisation that spots and supports the development of social and innovation ideas, getting them off the ground.

IF – Fabrica de Ideas
A co-working space founded in Chile by the team behind Social Lab, inviting collaborations from individuals, small to large businesses and educational institutions.

Fis – Social Innovation Festival
A social innovation festival across Latin America, showcasing people and projects, and including music, food and entertainment.

A social enterprise selling fashion products made by artisan woman in Chile.

An innovation Lab inside Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, one of the first of its kind in Santiago.

Bringing more women into employment in the tech industry in Latin America

Atrapanieblas (fog-catchers)
Technology enabling water to be drawn from clouds in Chile.

Protejamos Lo Nuestro
An enterprise bringing more sustainability in the Chilean fishing industries

A network of social enterprises in based in Chile

Working with entrepreneurs in Chile to strengthen the success of their businesses.

Mujeres ON
A program to build a community of empowered and connected entreprenurial women.

Impact Mentors
A network of mentors that supports the sustainability and growth of social entrepreneurs in Chile.

A program connecting young people to local tourist industry in Chile.

Balloon Latam
A social enterprise in Latin America building local capacity in social innovation tools and methodologies.

El Laboratorio de Gobierno
Innovation Lab based inside the Chilean Government.


Freddy Mamani 
A Bolivian architect working with the designs of Bolivian Indigenous communities.

Raimon Panikkar-Alemany
A Spanish Roman Catholic priest and a proponent of inter-religious dialogue. 

Ivan Illich
A Croatian-Austrian philosopher, Roman Catholic priest, and critic of the institutions of Western culture.

Reawyn Connell
A prominent sociologist from Australia, looking at gender equality and peacemaking

Arturo Escobar 
Colombian anthropologist who teaches in US. Wrote Autonomía y Diseno

Bernado Tore
Talking about the most important thing the world needs, care.


Epistemologies of the South
A book looking at the cultural and political contexts of the Global South.

Lo Hice Con Feeling
A Methodology developed by the Colombian Government in Nariño to put people at heart of designing policy.

Designing Spirits
A book by Juan Carlos Garzon about our attachments to objects 

Southern Perspectives
A website to promote a south-south dialogue of ideas

Tools for Conviviality 
A book by Ican Illich speaking out against institutionalisation, modernisation and elitism

Convivial Tool Box 
Generative research for the front end of design.

A New Design Philosophy
A book by Tony Fry exploring new ideas for how we construct the world and the future

South as a State of Mind
Journal founded by Nikos Papastergiadis

Theory from the South
A publication on how Euro-America is evolving towards Africa

Decolonising methodologies
A book about research and indigenous people

Repair Manifesto
Platform21’s Manifesto opposes throwaway culture and celebrates repair as the new recycling

Start-Up Chile
Supporting the development of new enterprises in Chile.
Territorial intelligence for people who are making decisions about cities.
An organisation that represents issues related to sustainable consumption and

La Escuela de Innovación social
A training school set up by CoLab in Chile to support people interested in developing social innovation

Instituto de Innovación Social
Social Innovation Centre at the Universidad del Desarrollo.
A network of corporate organisations making a commitment to social change
An collective organisation in Colombia who promote and develop ideas for more citizen-led culture
A global network for social entrepreneurs

A network across Latin America that works to support the development of social innovation practice inside Universities. 

A social innovation summit in Chile



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