Centro de Desarrollo de Negocios: community business growth

GABRIELA VALENZUELA ARCUCH // Centro de Desarrollo de Negocios de SERCOTEC // Santiago // July 14th 2017 // I met Gabriela for a quick chat at her offices to understand more about her work and the work of Centro de Desarrollo de Negocios. They are a network of walk-in centers stationed in different neighbourhoods across Chile,... Continue Reading →

Centro de Inteligencia Territorial: Mapping for society

LUIS M VALENZUELA // Centro de Inteligencia Territorial & Investigador Centro de Conflicto y Cohesión Social // Santiago // July 13th 2017 // Luis works at the Universidad Adolfo Ibañez in the DesignLAB. He is the Director of the Centre of Intelligent Territory. A Research Centre that uses mapping techniques to better understand the complex and interrelated functions... Continue Reading →

Mayors Office: Bicycles for Bogotá

DAVID LOUIS UNIMAN // Director of Cycling in the Mayors Office // Bogotá // July 5th 2017 //   I met David for a drink towards the North of Bogota. David works for the Mayor Enrique Peñalosa Londoño as the Director of cycling. He is designing Bogotá’s public bicycle system, which has gained international recognition over... Continue Reading →

Universidad Autonoma: Design students as change-makers

ADRIANA BASTIDAS // Design Teacher in Universidad Autonoma // Bogotá // 3rd July //  Adriana is working on social design programmes inside Universidad Autónomo in Bogotá. This work is done through the RAD (Academic Design Network), the RAD, facilitates a link with two institutions: Prospera Social and Fundación Social. Each semester the students form teams in collaboration with... Continue Reading →

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