Thank you’s

This blog shares all the stories I heard while visiting Colombia, Chile and Peru in July 2017.

My name is Ella Britton, this project came about while working in Mexico with design and architecture students at Tec de Monterrey, establishing civic-design programmes that integrate university education with the needs of Mexican communities.

I was interested in challenging my top-heavy focus north to Europe and the USA, and learn more about the Latin America creative and socially innovative context. Learning from countries that have creative practice, activism, collectivism and social transformation at their heart. Obviously this is just touching the surface, but these are the people and places I was lucky enough to meet.

Huge thank you for your time and brilliance to…

Edgar David Rincon Quijano
Adriana Bastidas
Alfredo Gutierrez Borrero
Leonardo Parra
Jody Para
German Sarmiento
David Louis Uniman
Cristiam C S Salazar
David Serna
Juan Carlos Pacheco Contreras
Gabriela Valenzuela Arcuch
Jamie Olhaberry Aguilar
Luis M Valenzuela
Marcela Godoy Carrasco
Alejandra Jiménez Castro & her amazing team
Ignacia Nuñez
Julian Ugarte
Vicente Lorca
Geraldine Sakuda & her talented team
Andres Maragano Leveque
Eder Deldago
Maria San Martin
Sebastian Salinas
Elisa Briones
Mariana Lavín
Francisca Vargas
Juan Carlos Pacheco Contreras

And thank you for everyone who drew on their networks to help me…
Tomás González Olavarría
Este Leon Vivanco
Fabian Schiaffino
Carlos Cobreros Rodríguez
Ruben Garnica Monroy
Rebecca Torres
Mariana Maya López
Mariano García Martínez
Rodrigo Chávez Heres
Antonia Moreno
Bere García
Adriana Rodriguez
Ximena Ocampo
Pakiko Paillie Perez
Cassie Robinson
Kate Burn
Louise Pulford
Tricia Hackett
Andrea Coleman

And thank you to Tec de Monterrey for enabling this work….


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