Design for sustainable consumption

Eco-Design and Sustainability Consultant IDMA and Founder of Adc Circular //
Santiago //
July 12th 2017 //

Sharing a beer with Marcela

Marcela is an Industrial Designer who specialises in design for sustainability, eco-innovation, circular economy and sustainable consumption. She is passionate about bringing more thoughtfulness to the environmental sustainability of products and systems in Chile. She works a lot with businesses and governments as both a consultant and an activist. She shared an example of how her work crosses both fields. When her and the team questioned the life-cycle of a yoghurt pot in chile. Realising that the glue used in the label meant the entire pot was rendered non-recyclable. They started a social media campaign to draw people attention to this, and to create some pressure on the businesses effected.  #adondevamienvase

She then gives suggestions and recommendations to those businesses on how to improve the sustainability of their products.

She founded Adc Circular as a non-profit and public interest association in 2015. The objective of Circular is to promote a change in the commercial methods of production through informing, representing and educating consumers about sustainable consumption practices in Chile. The laws are now changing in Chile to ensure that businesses build this thinking into their practice. Marcela talks about the behaviour of people in Chile at the moment, not being concious about recycling and product life-cycles. So she believes over the coming years, with more political support this will shift. The preservation of the environment is one of the key challenges for Chile at the moment.

She referenced the work of Leyla Acaroglu as an inspiration. Talking about the need for designers with the power to be disruptive, brave and thoughtful.

She talks about being inspired by the UnSchool of Distruptive Design:






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