Cebras por la Vida: Citizen-led urbanism

IDPAC – Instituto Distrital de la Participación y la Acción Comunal //
Bogotá //
5th July 2017 //

Germán is passionate about his city of Bogotá, he is the creator of, a blog that invites ideas in response to the issues and opportunities within Bogotás urban landscape. He is also an urban movement activist, leading citizen projects like Cebras por la Vida (Zebra-crossings for Life) which is a citizen mobilisation campaign using interventions in the streets to claim back the right for pedestrians to walk safely through the streets of Bogotá.

Germán  currently works with the Majors office on Urban Development strategy. He talks about the value of the “citizen culture” that the current major Enrique Penalosa and previous majors like Antanas Mockus have developed within Bogotá. Below are some images of Antanas Mockus´s work in the City of Bogota. Between 1995-1997 and 2001-2003.

Cities are for people.

We need to be engaged with them, and we need to care about them

Germán also led the implementation of the Líderes x Bogotá (leadership program for Bogotá) at the Universidad de los Andes. This is a leadership programme giving young people the chance to learn how to be social-changers, creating practical work that aims to solve some of the cities social problems.



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